How To Avoid International Dating Scams

The number of cases in which internet dating scams have robbed unsuspecting internet users of hundreds of million dollars is on the rise despite several cases being in the public domain. Towards the end of the month of December of 2017, the US department of Justice made public the record of Nigerian and South African […]

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A Short History of International Marriage

International marriage has become increasingly common today, but for many people it still carries negative connotations, because of the term mail order bride. First, the people that object to the modern mail order bride business generally do not understand it.  They believe that it portrays women as commodities being bought and sold. In reality, that […]

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Finding A Woman Seeking Marriage

A woman seeking marriage is something that a western man is looking for. Too often, the western women that they are used to have around are already focused on their careers or climbing up the corporate ladder. Dual income households have become the norm in a lot of western countries, and some of the younger […]

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The Truth About International Dating

Love knows no boundaries. And with global communication within your reach, international dating is effective more than ever. But what is international dating really? What are the benefits of meeting women from around the world? What is the usual process involved in this dating platform? International Dating Today? Meeting women from another country is the […]

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Mail Order Brides and Cross Cultural Marriages

There are many women around the world who are looking for the right man who may live in their area. It is at that time when she discovers that she must decide to go abroad to find the right man. In fact, women in countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Philippines, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, […]

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Avoid Getting Robbed or Mugged Abroad

In the pursuit of women abroad, we can sometimes find ourselves in some pretty dodgy areas, where crime is commonplace. Therefore, to help reduce the chances of getting mugged, it is important to take precautionary measures. And while bad luck can follow us to any city, following the tips below will help ensure a safe […]

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Why Westerners Prefer to Marry Chinese Girls?

Advertisements online and in various magazines tout the so-called benefits for Westerners who prefer a Chinese girls for marriage. What is it about Chinese girls that westerners find preferable to dating women raised in Western cultures? Why do Chinese women advertise to meet and date Western men? It may be a win-win proposition for couples […]

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