Muslim Women Looking For Marriage

Muslim Women Looking For Marriage
Muslim Women Aren’t to Be Servants

International Dating Questions:

Muslim Women: Do you like wearing the hijab?

Hey Muslim ladies, do you ever wonder what it might be like to date a blonde/blue eyed man? or visa versa, if you’re a man looking at this question, what about marrying a white woman?

What if that person you married (lighter/of another faith) preferred not to follow the laws of Allah, but wouldn’t hinder you following Allah? is it even possible to work?

How would the family respond to the marriage? and also, what about the men, is it easier for them to marry outside of the faith, with a white woman? or would the family disown him as well?

I don’t wear the hijab because I don’t have to. There is nothing that says I have to wear one, it’s all just tradition and culture. Who cares whether the guy is blonde and blue eyed or has green hair or red eyes? It all depends on what the person is attracted to, and just cause you’re blonde doesn’t make you better or different from any other man in the world. There are millions of white muslims by the way. Also, if I married someone that wasn’t muslim then the realationship could work, IF we didn’t have any children. Cause then what religion would the children follow? Family wouldn’t be thrilled about the marriage, at all. They would prefer I at least married a convert. I have many uncles that have married mexican/white/asian women but they all converted to islam before they got married.

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