A Short History of International Marriage


International marriage has become increasingly common today, but for many people it still carries negative connotations, because of the term mail order bride.

First, the people that object to the modern mail order bride business generally do not understand it.  They believe that it portrays women as commodities being bought and sold.

In reality, that is simply not the case, and the vast majority of mail order bride agencies are no different from regular internet dating sites like Match.com and Chemistry.com.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, when United States was still largely a frontier country, the male settlers often had a difficult time finding a brides.

In fact, in some of the boom towns in the California goldfields men sometimes outnumbered women 500 to 1, and there were occasionally areas with literally no women at all.

So, these   and began to correspond with women living far away. At the same time, many European and some American women ecided to travel west, hoping to find a new life and the man of their dreams.

Notice the lack of women in the photo above.  Miners often were willing to give up a lot of gold for a good foreign bride.

Smart businessmen realized the potential and the mail order bride system was born, allowing women to announce their desire to get married and look for a husband that way.

The system continued in that way for many, many years, but it was generally a very small part of the overall number of marriages in the United States.

In the 1960s the large number of American servicemen serving in the Vietnam War led to a the development of a small business in Asian, principally, Filipina brides.

However, the with the fall of the Soviet Union, more and more Eastern European women have become mail order brides, particularly Russian brides, Ukrainian brides and Moldovan brides.

In the last ten years, there has also been a real growth in Latin brides from Central and South America who are also looking for a foreign husbands from the United States and Europe.

The Internet has changed so many aspects of contemporary life, and the international marriage industry is no exception.  The online age has seen a huge boom in the mail order bride business.


In an effort to ensure the safety of foreign women marrying Americans, the United States passed the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) in 2005.

IMBRA was intended to make these international relationships more transparent, provide women more information about the men they are dating, and let the women know the rights they had when they moved to the United States.

IMBRA states that mail order bride websites based in the United States or doing business in the United States have to ask their male clients for background information, including criminal records, divorces etc., and make this information available to the women these men correspond with.

A lot of the online dating agencies were adamantly opposed to IMBRA, and many firmly believed that it would destroy their business.

In fact, IMBRA has led to a growth in the business, because it makes women more sure about signing up for an agency.

It also has made it easier to battle scammers, because it makes it easier for agencies to keep up with which women are contacting an unusual number of men and so on, because the agency has to send out the man’s packet to a woman first and then the woman has to say she is interested.

A woman really interested in international marriage might really want to correspond with a few dozen or perhaps a few score men, but not hundreds and hundreds.

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Women Looking For Men

Are you from the US, Europe, Canada, or Australian?  Are you a single guy between 30-80 who has a decent job and no criminal record?  Then you should at least consider pursuing international dating.

Up until very recently pursuing sexy foreign brides was something that was a dating option only available to the rich and famous.

Kings often pursued foreign women for political reasons, but great merchants often married a foreign bride because they are unique and that is at least part of what makes a sexy girl sexy.

The same thing applies on the other side, because women looking for men were also forced to accept whatever happened to be available locally.

That may sounds crazy, but if every girl was gorgeous average girls would be the stunners. In the Ukraine and that is pretty much the case as a few clicks through our galleries will show.

Anyhow, today even average guys have a shot at sexy foreign brides thanks to the Wright Brothers inventing the airplane it is fast and cheap for a guy to travel anywhere in the world to meet a beautiful woman, and, thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet, it is possible for a man to get acquainted if with woman from almost anywhere online for nearly free.

Women looking for men feel pretty lucky too.

And because of the political détente since the end of the Cold War, millions of women that were formerly off the market are available.

So, why not take a shot? The women are real and they are looking for American and European men. Do we promise you’ll find the love of your life here? No, but it’s a better chance than trying to win the Powerball.

Take a look: There are stunning European blonds, gorgeous Latin brunettes, and Asian girls hot enough to make you howl at the moon.

Foreign brides are awesome.

And it does not have to be any more expensive than courting a local girl. Click on some of the photos and I believe you’ll see what I mean. Good Luck!

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Best International Dating Sites

Are you looking to find a wife, who really is, “out of your league.”  Then you really should consider international dating sites.

Generally, it is probably better to consider the big, well established sites like Foreign Affair, Elena’s Models, Cherry Blossoms, or even Anastasia, because all of these companies really want to make you happy.  Yes, these are all paid sites, but that gives them some huge advantages for you to find a wife who will really make you happy.

First, the big paid sites try to protect you from scammers, because they are making too much money running a legit business to risk loosing everything to scammers.

You can find all sorts of wild charges on the internet, but companies based in the United States, the European Union, Australia, and other Western countries, which all of the above are, are very heavily regulated.

More importantly, they are making good money and if they allowed or condoned scammers they would risk loosing everything and possibly going to prison.

Second, the smaller free dating sites usually offer little or no customer service, because they can’t afford to employ staff to answer e-mails or phone calls and they also cannot be as vigilant about scammers.  Often the small sites really do not try to do anything at all about scammers.

Third, the big sites offer a lot of other services that you are probably going to need to actually court a foreign woman.  For instance, you are probably going to need translation services and you will certainly need an immigration lawyer.  You also might need a tour guide and a driver and someone who knows what the best hotel in Minsk is.

Anyhow, all of the girls on this site are from the very best international dating sites.  So, get out of your league and have some fun!

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