Why Westerners Prefer to Marry Chinese Girls?

attractive Chinese girl with a stuffed toy

Advertisements online and in various magazines tout the so-called benefits for Westerners who prefer a Chinese girls for marriage. What is it about Chinese girls that westerners find preferable to dating women raised in Western cultures? Why do Chinese women advertise to meet and date Western men? It may be a win-win proposition for couples who find each other.

Some Reasons why Western men prefer Chinese girls:

  • Chinese women tend to be more devoted and committed.
  • They are noted for not being needy for attention or desire possessions like Western women.
  • Chinese women are considered more responsible about home-life and frugal with shopping for household needs.
  • Men enjoy the way Chinese women feel reverence for the male head of the house and are more willing to obey.
  • They are patient with their boyfriends and husbands wants and needs. They accept their partners less than desirable qualities as well.

What’s in it for the Chinese girl to marry Westerners?

  • Financial security is high on the list because Westerners tend to earn a higher income and prefer high quality household amenities that some Chinese women want.
  • Western men tend to respect their partners more than Asian men do.
  • Chinese women who speak English and date Westerners usually enjoy a respectable position within the community called “face”. In other words they save face by having a better quality of life with a Westerner.

older American man and a cute Chinese girl

Are the ads a successful means to meet a preferred dating partner?

The ads can be successful if both parties are agreeable. Due to language issues some of the dates between Westerners and Chinese girls require a translator or two. A translator can even act as a chaperone or guardian of sorts.

If the man has an open mind and no pre-conceived ideas about how Chinese women behave they can actually meet a potential mate. The men who have fantasies of the supposed sexual prowess and subservience of the women they meet may find themselves sorely disappointed. While it may be true that Chinese girls exhibit more humble behavior, it is wise that a man that realizes that doesn’t mean she is meek.

A Chinese girl who marries s a Westerner with the notion that he will be rich and provide for hermay be disappointed as well. Many Western men were raised with the idea that women are equal to men and have an equal responsibility to the finances in dating as well as marriage. Some men have old-fashioned ideals that men should pay for everything. Make sure you know what is expected from each other before you get together.

Caution on both sides of the ad is recommended so that both parties can find what they are looking for and give each other the joy they want to share, too. There are some ads that are less reputable than other soit is wise to check out the source of the ad and ask for testimonials.

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