How Much Does It Cost to Marry A Foreign Woman?


They say money can’t buy you love, and that’s completely true, and it applies to marrying a foreign woman as much as it does to marrying a woman in the Western world. It’s important to remember that it’s impossible to buy a bride, so that’s not what this blog post is about.

In fact, if you think that you can just buy love, even if it costs $50,000, then you’re probably on the wrong website. But there is a reality you need to face up to and it’s that international dating is usually more expensive than dating a woman from your home town, and for obvious reasons.

So what we want to take a look at in this article are ways of keeping your costs under control, because no matter how much you love a given woman, it’s all going to fall apart if you simply can’t afford the costs involved in a long-distance relationship of this type.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

One of the key areas where you can make significant savings is around planning your accommodation, the type you need, and how long you need it for. Using a hotel is a perfectly acceptable option when you take a short trip to any country, especially if you can lower your standards by staying in a 3-star hotel as opposed to a 5-star hotel.

For longer trips – those of several weeks – you can cut your accommodation costs by at least 50% by renting an apartment instead. A quick Google search of any major city should turn up long-stay apartments to suit a variety of budgets.

So where a hotel room might cost you $100 per night, you can rent an apartment for an entire month for perhaps $1000. Apartments also offer you far more privacy for when you want to spend some quiet time with your new girlfriend.

The Airbnb concept has turned the paid accommodation industry on its head, because no matter where you are in the world you’ll find people who are quite willing to rent you their whole apartment, or a room in their home, for far less than you’d pay for all but the very cheapest of hotels.

Airbnb won’t appeal to everybody, but if you are interested in keeping your costs under control then it’s an option you should investigate.

Use All The Technologies You Can

Absence may make the heart grow fonder but that won’t stop you from missing your overseas girlfriend, or stop her from missing you. So for those times when you simply can’t be near each other because of the distance involved why not have a Skype date instead?

Now this might sound like a ridiculous idea but if you both have Netflix accounts then you could organize watching a movie “together”, which will take some of the sting out of not seeing each other for weeks on end.

If you’re not at the stage where having virtual dates with each other is an option, you should still use Skype instead of making expensive international phone calls.

Body language can tell you an awful lot about what a person thinks or feels about you, even if you don’t speak the same language. This is why using a video chat service of some kind makes so much sense, especially in the early days of your international relationship.

Don’t Send Money!

We should not have to warn you about this, but we’re going to do it anyway: Never, ever send money overseas. Not even if you’ve already met the girl and you think you can trust her with your life. Not even if she claims there’s some kind of medical emergency. Do not send money to a person you may only have met once or twice for any reason.

We’re always amazed at how many men still do this despite warnings posted on every single international dating site clearly stating this is a bad idea, and that you’re going to wind up conned out of thousands of dollars.

After all, you’d never send money to some woman you just met in a bar, so you should use the same logic when it comes to international dating, especially if you have not met your girlfriend in the flesh, so to speak.

Travel Off Season

International travel is as much art as science, and the more you can plan your journeys in advance the more money you stand to save. One really easy way of avoiding ludicrously priced airline tickets is to not travel during tourist season because prices at this time of year will be at least double what they normally are.

Of course, if you can plan your journeys far enough in advance you can still make savings, but generally speaking trying to travel during “tourist” season is going to be not only expensive but extremely uncomfortable.

You know all those flight comparison websites that you browse to find the cheapest flights available – have you ever wondered how they make money? Remember they’re running a business, and that maintaining websites like that is extremely expensive, and they also have staff to pay. This often means that the reduced price you see on the website is actually far more expensive than booking a flight directly with the airline itself.

The same is true of many hotel chains mail where booking your room directly with them can save you at least 20% when compared to booking through a comparison site.

Another way of saving money is by booking a non-direct flight to your destination. This will mean one or more stopovers of several hours, but you can save yourself several hundred dollars by doing that. Not a convenient option, but then we’re talking about cost reduction here, not convenience.

Consider Relocating

If you’re in a committed long-distance relationship it can make perfect sense to simply relocate to her country of origin for several months of the year. There’s a number of reasons to consider doing this, the first of which being a much lower cost of living than North America or Western Europe.

But there’s also the potential of benefiting from tax breaks for being a non-resident for several months of a given year. Now this doesn’t apply to every single country in the world, but it’s worth investigating what options are available to you.

Obviously you need either the financial resources to be able to live in a foreign country without working for several months, or your company might offer remote working options, depending on which industry you’re in. You do also have the option of starting an online business which can be run from any country in the world once you have a laptop and an Internet connection.

Yes, you can actually make money working online for yourself, but that goes beyond the scope of this article.

International dating can be prohibitively expensive if you’re not careful, but with some basic planning and a whole lot of common sense you can make it work for you, even if you’re not earning a fortune.

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