Marrying an Indonesian Woman is Complicated

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The process for foreign marriage with an Indonesian is very complicated and should be take very seriously by men who advertise for Indonesian Women for Marriage. The laws involved are stringent and require carefully detailed follow through.

The Laws that apply to foreign marriage:

  • A valid visa
  • A notarized statement that the potential spouse is single and not considered married anywhere else.
  • Of legal age to marry: Women must be at least 16, men must me at least 19. If either party is under the age of 21 a letter from the family approving of the marriage is required.
  • A foreigner may need an Indonesian Police Certificate that states he or she has not committed a crime.
  • Both parties must share religious faiths. If a conversion is required, the foreigner must convert to the nationalist’s faith. The recognized faiths are: Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhism. One may not be agnostic or atheist.
  • If the marriage is performed in a country other than Indonesia, the marriage is considered legal and binding.

Ex-pats who seek to marry:

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Some arranged marriages are between ex-pat Indonesian men who want to marry an Indonesian due to their personally unsatisfactory experiences with foreign women.

They seek Indonesian women who they feel are morally upright and old fashioned regarding the value of marriage. The ex-pat’s intention is to marry a woman there, then bring her their new country of residence.

The problem that the ex-pat men learn about after the fact of the marriage is that they learn too late that when you marry an Indonesian woman, you also marry her family and all their needs become your responsibility, too.

Foreign men who seek to marry:

The legal details can be daunting and the costs of the marriage should be considered.  Fees for marrying an Indonesian woman can be as high as Rs 50000 or $1,000 USD.

The social norms and religious values should also be taken into consideration, as the two things are intrinsically connected to the laws of Indonesia. You must share religious faith with your Indonesian spouse, so if you are of one faith and she is of another and you are not willing or able to convert than you are out of luck.

The family bonds are very close, so marrying one means that you are committed to both her and her family. There is no proper way to take your spouse away and leave the others behind. They will know your business, how you treat your wife and children, and they will express their opinions as to the quality of your marriage. You will have to think about this and decide if that is something you want in your life.

Indonesian women who advertise and marry American men are usually more educated than other women in their country; therefore they may want to have a career for their personal satisfaction. If you are looking for a housewife who will stay home and take care of the children, you may want to look somewhere else, too.

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