So You Want to Marry a Russian Woman?

Hot Russian Women

When meeting Russian women for marriage it is a good idea to arrange a visit to her home country when things start to become serious between the two of you. While you can interact by email and Skype you can only learn so much about your potential bride this way.

By visiting her in person you will discover if there is real chemistry between the two of you. It is also generally far easier for you to make the trip to see her than the other way as visa restrictions are tighter for Russians visiting America and other western countries.

When meeting women in Russia you may find that she lives in what seems to you like quite deprived accommodation. However you should remember that even professional women will often live in apartments with shared bathroom facilities and only one bedroom.

sweet Russian babe leaning on a tree

This does not mean that she is actually living in poverty. While some women may not wish to have sex on your first visit it should not be assumed that it is out of the question. Russian women are about as liberal on the issue of sex before marriage as most western women.

When out on your date it will generally be expected that you pay for the meals and drinks. This is not her trying to take advantage of you but is simply the way that things are done in Russia. Remember though that if you want women to play the role of caring and dutiful wife and girlfriend it is only fair that you provide for her.

Most men find that they enjoy this more traditional male and female role once they are used to it. You should not find it difficult to find something to do in Russia. There are many cafes, museums and art galleries to visit in the major cities. Moscow can be quite expensive but outside of it you should find that you money goes quite far.

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