Why Foreign Women Want to Marry You


Highly intelligent, extremely motivated and very attractive women for marriage from areas under social and economic blights analyze their choices and decide to reward wealthy men with lifelong companionship, devotion and care.

These wealthy men are men of average means in Western countries, men who will treat these women like women. These women are in Latin America, Asia and the old Soviet bloc where the average income is extremely low and women are treated like chattel or worse; animals usually have a higher value.

By carefully analyzing the options currently available to them, these beautiful young women know their best chance for a healthy and secure life is to leave family, friends and familiar areas.

Showing great courage, these women take the bold step of reaching out through international dating sites hoping to meet a decent Western man with which to share their life. The unknown future in a strange country may offer a better chance of survival than what they face at home.

Foreign Women – Life at Home

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The first problem of their lives is the overwhelming poverty many of these families deal with daily. In societies where women are not valued, women and girls eat last and eat what is left over, if anything.

Many women do a man’s labor in the fields or in the shop, fetch water, find and prepare the food and raise the children. Childbirth does not interrupt this routine.

In many of these countries, the education for females ends early, lacks the same substance as for males and is conducted outside without buildings or books. Female children are simply another vessel to boost the family income or tend local crops or a commodity to be sold into slavery.

In countries where males are prized, female infant mortality rates are high. Some babies are intentionally killed at birth; the cost to raise a female child is too high for many families.

When dowries are required to be paid to the bridegroom’s family, many families cannot afford the $350 dowry required. These families consider a female childlike feeding the neighbor’s cow, they do all the work and have all the expense but none of the benefits.

Sometimes if the family does not have the necessary dowry, the female is sold to the highest bidder; it is not unusual for husbands to set their wives on fire if they are not satisfied with the bargain. There is no punishment for this behavior.

Women may not be allowed to inherit or own land. Even if the laws of the countries allow this, the local legal system will find a way to circumvent the process. Although widows are no longer burned on their husband’s funeral fires in India, widows in many of these countries have no right or standing. They depend upon the largeness of their children for support and care; these often are families that cannot feed, house or clothe another person.

This is what many of these fascinating women are willing to leave behind in hopes of a better life for themselves.  International dating gives them an opportunity to escape this prison of repression and poverty.

Intentional Dating – Foreign Girls in Control of their Destinies!

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These intellectual, forward-thinking women have taken control of their destiny. They know they are competing in the biggest contest in the world and are doing everything they can to place high in the ranking. Using their meager resources, they found opportunities to learn English and customs of the Western world.

It takes courage to walk away from even the most miserable known existence; they have survived that and they can continue to exist there. What is waiting for them on the other side of the world is new and frightening. They will have to discard their old way of life, food, customs, language and beliefs in hopes of a brighter, safer future.

This is a long and tedious process that has already started. To place their name and face on this international dating site has required breaking traditions, courage and economic hardship. These beautiful women welcoming this opportunity know the hard part is yet to come.

They have to work hard to attract the eye of a decent Westerner who is looking for a lifelong companion to see to his comfort and needs without complaint. In exchange, they have hopes for enough to eat, something comfortable to wear, medical treatment and warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.

They offer much more than this, they offer the willingness to work hard towards a common goal and a chance to get ahead in life all for the opportunity to sleep in a bed with clean sheets and blankets and to have enough water to prepare meals and wash themselves.

Against All Odds

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In a country that represses females and does not value them, these women have already survived partly by luck, partly by courage and partly by ingenuity. They avoided being killed before or shortly after birth because of their gender. They survived childhood and its illnesses and danger, probably without medical treatment or medical intervention.

They conquered a lackluster education to become as astute as possible.

Many of these learned English from soldiers stationed in their land. Somehow, they discovered the international dating industry and recognized it as the excellent opportunity to improve their position in life.

They had the courage to reach out and grasp this modern opportunity; these are the 21st-century war brides leaving their war ravaged (poverty-stricken, male dominated, chaste system) country for the land of opportunity and food.

These ridiculously hot foreign girls are searching for a decent Westerner to date, pamper and adore.

Russian Women for Marriage

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